Afrùveda (‘Afro’ for Africa and ‘Veda’ for ayurvedic) is the first hair care brand of it’s kind to fuse African ingredients with centuries’ old ayurvedic hair care practices, and support natural product enthusiasts to grow their natural tresses in a holistic manner. However, it was time for them to start filling gaps in their business and skyrocket to the next level. This, really, was the start of the consultancy due to the fact that I landed them as clients before launching hence my decision to join an accelerator. The task was to build the brand from scratch and refresh their online presence while they focused on product development. Services offered during this project include a brand shoot, marketing strategy, brand strategy, brand book, first pop up, first campaign with 5 micro-influencers, and social media management for a month.

We hopped on bimonthly calls for a period of 5 months from January 2022 to May 2022 and successfully relaunched the brand. We’ve since put a pause on our engagement as they review and improve their formulas with the help of one of our partners, a leading skincare manufacturer in East Africa. We plan to reactivate our collaboration and accelerate the impact of the brand further in late 2023 with the focus being on strategies, content, and sales. For more on the behind-the-scenes of Afrùveda’s brand refresh and what the client had to say click here.