Hey I’m Joy Stacy, founder of Meremeta Africa Beauty where we place the best beauty and fashion brands on the map. The concept behind it is to enhance the confidence in our skin, continent and heritage as Africans.

I provide free high-level recommendations for beauty and fashion businesses globally over 30-minute consultations. Get in touch.

Fun facts

I got my first billboard feature in 2022.

Black cane corsos are my favorite dog breed.

My best cuisines are Swahili, Indian, Japanese, Ethiopian, Spanish, Italian, and Thai.

My favorite music genre of all time is RnB.


I initiated a makeup campaign that took off on Instagram in 2020. Peep the details here. I spent two years as a marketing and content consultant at Uncover Skincare which recently raised $1M. Click here for more. I’ve also led brand accelerator projects at Workspace Global, a Forbes listed company. You can read more here.


My background is in international business with a concentration on entrepreneurship. I’ve been in the dynamic world of beauty and fashion since 2017. In 2021, I was identified among the top 5% of talent in Africa by the African Leadership Group and received a $3,000 scholarship. That same year, I launched Meremeta Africa‘s consulting service with the guidance of seasoned African entrepreneurs. I’ve since navigated the exciting terrain of business incubation thanks to trailblazers like Fred Swaniker. I’m also a Google certified digital marketer. Check out a sample of my fashion copy here.

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