5 Steps To Creating a Routine You Actually Like in 2023

I struggled with the concept of routines for a long time so getting to a point where I can share tips on creating one you like is WILD to me — hashtag growth! You probably know by now that setting goals is all fun and games until it’s time to do the work consistently over a period of time and actually enjoy the process. Guilty?

Well, it’s one thing to get out of your comfort zone, limit distractions and multitask but it’s a whole other flex to have a life you actually like waking up to (in my opinion).

I used to get bored by routines until I understood their value. It’s impossible to build anything without a routine — PERIOD. I don’t care how good your intentions are or how much of a visionary you truly are. If you can’t be disciplined you can’t build anything substantial. Substantial is relative so there’s that but read on for my tips if you want a better 2023 regardless 🙂

Let’s get to it:

  1. Consider your mindset around goal setting

Are you the type of person that only sets goals on your birthday or at the start of every year? Keyword — ONLY. If so, this is your sign to consider how difficult it is to change. It takes failure and consistent effort to try again and grow until you can get things somewhat right (the ghetto).

Give yourself some grace rather than subscribing to the ‘new year, new me’ concept then failing miserably two months later, and eventually dropping new goals like a bad habit. We already know bad habits are hard to drop but that’s not the point okay. Stay with me.

Don’t get me wrong though — trust me to set some new goals every year or whenever my birthday comes around. I just think that you should be able to work on your goals and make changes as they come up. This way you can get better faster, optimize your mental resources, begin achieving some goals, hopefully setting new ones to scare you until it’s nothing — and the level up process continues (easier said than done).

2. Determine how effective you actually are when setting new goals

How you set your goals is EVERYTHING. The level of clarity you need regarding where you are now, where you need to be in any particular area and everything in between (particularly your step one) has got to be unmatched.

I recommend auditing yourself in the aspects you want to change so you can clearly see what you’ve been doing up until this point, decide what’s not going to fly then determine the way moving forward. It’s hard to be on top of everything but I can tell you for a fact that you’re going to be on top of the things that matter to you NOW.

Even if you don’t follow through with anything you’ll know exactly where you are, perhaps for the first time, and that’s a step. If you can get to replacing one unproductive habit with a new one there’s your starting point.

3. Create new routines that facilitate your goals

Most people are neither here nor there when it comes to routines. I’ve been most people — having routines just to feel like I have them even when I could care less. If you almost hate your routine by this point I’m talking to you.

The way to hack this is to think of your routines as a system. On one hand there’s your goals then on the other hand your routines. Cues and treats brings these moving parts together. Always have a reminder for any new behavior you’re trying to incorporate into your routine then reward yourself afterwards — whatever that means to you.

Living my life on my terms is a goal for me in 2023 and I’ve found that easing into my mornings does the trick. I have an alarm to wake me up though my body clock does the job these days (cue), I ease into each day (routine) then find something else to do that makes me feel good in the moment before getting to my tasks and purpose (reward). I don’t like to think about everything at the same time so giving myself that time in the morning usually sets me up for the day.

4. Aim for prioritization not perfection

Having a routine you like looks like getting it right on some days and not on others. You deserve to reward yourself for putting in the work when you do get it right and give yourself grace when you don’t. Your routine eventually becomes your way of life. You just have to stick with it long enough.

Prioritization requires that you disrupt your normal routine at times because you need to focus on first things first for a period of time. There’s a course I’m currently doing that’s got my attention these next couple of days so I’m not going to be pressed about my usual routine.

This is the second time I’ve applied for this course which is why I’m keen. I’m happy to get this out the way then go back to my usual routine. Perhaps prioritization is something to consider for as long as you don’t make it a habit. Try your best to schedule in time for all your priorities so you’re at par with everything.

5. Balance is key

If you’re like me and you work from home and even if not, your best bet is to ensure that your routine helps you navigate different areas of your life. Depending on what you do, the season you’re in, or what’s going on with you this may or may not sound practical but hear me out.

I remember not having much of a social life from January 2022 to May 2022 because I was trying to have my first shot at marketing my consultancy for beauty and fashion entrepreneurs, Meremeta Africa Beauty, by ensuring the project with our first client was a success. You can read more on it here. I had a lot of pressure at the time because I needed a team but chose to prepare for it and determine the standard and quality of our work first.

I’ve since connected our first client to one of our partners — a skincare manufacturer — for product development purposes. I really did mean it when I said that I have a soft spot for skincare manufacturers on my blog describing why I started my brand here. We’re now at a team of 4 going on 5. You’ll soon be able to see more about my brand on our website and LinkedIn when we relaunch in 2023 — can’t wait!

Did I need to do the work? Yes. Could I have handled that period better? Absolutely because despite the wins what ended up happening is that I completely crashed with burnout from September 2022 to December 2022 — NOT WORTH IT. If you don’t take anything from this blog, take the balance. I hope this helps 🙂 Happy 2023!


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