Hey there! My name is Joy Stacy. I’m passionate about supporting, encouraging and showcasing the true beauty of Africa and its people. I’m the founder of Meremeta Africa Beauty, a consultancy based in Kenya that partners with beauty and fashion entrepreneurs in Kenya, Uganda, and Tanzania to launch and relaunch their brands. Beauty and fashion entrepreneurs often lack the expertise so all they need to do is jump on a few calls with us and let us do the work to take their brands to the next level, usually within a 3 to 6 month period. I’m also a brand consultant with Workspace Global, a branding service based in Ghana, where I’ve accelerated the impact of over 10 top brands in the tech, fashion, finance, oil and gas, logistics, and real estate industries in the Ghanaian and Kenyan market. I’ve also actively contributed to over 40 published blogs on the Kenyan Uncover Skincare website with an average engagement time of 2 minutes per blog having worked hand in hand with the brand director, senior copywriter, and the in-house skincare expert. I love writing so you can expect a blog from me here every so often. You might notice that I value adventure, balance, and authenticity. Read on for more 🙂


It was a pleasure working with Nicholas Ochwada who is the founder of Niko Creative Kenya, an award-winning creative design studio based in Nairobi, Kenya that focuses on graphic, website, motion and UI/UX design. The task was to design a simple website with a clean layout that appeals to the reader. All edits made to this website are done by Malik Ibrahim, founder of Dashtails, a reliable technology partner that increases organizations’ productivity and efficiency levels by implementing the best IT services to suit business requirements.


My background is in international business with a focus on entrepreneurship. I’ve been in the industry since 2017 when I started my first business (insert blog link) which was importing and selling skincare products from the UK to my peers at the United States International University Africa campus. I then launched my hand cream line in March 2021 to support women battling dry hands during the pandemic and ended up failing like many entrepreneurs. My failure stemmed from lacking insights on best practices and working with too many independent parties. My drive and passion are now invested in ensuring that beauty and fashion entrepreneurs have a quality consulting service they can turn to for everything branding, strategy, content and sales.


I was identified among the top 5% of talent in Africa by the African Leadership Group in March 2021 and received a $3,000 scholarship alongside 100 peers in different African countries for a highly sought-out 21st century skills training on Project Management, Creative Collaboration, and the Growth Mindset. I later launched the consultancy with the help of established African entrepreneurs at an accelerator in November 2021. My strengths include Brand consulting, Project management (Basecamp & Excel), Relationship Management, Social Media, and Strategy. I’m a Google certified digital marketer.


I help beauty and fashion entrepreneurs articulate their visions then create brand specific solutions for them so they can feel confident about putting their brands out there, focus on the aspects of their businesses they enjoy most, have fun doing business, and feel guided, supported, and empathized with.

Fun facts

Stacy means fruitful.

My secret hobby is sketching.

I’ve kept a gratitude journal since 2019.

I got my first billboard feature in Kenya in 2022.

My favorite actor of all time is Leonardo di Caprio.

One of my dreams as a child was to open a huge clothing store.

I almost ended up being an aeronautical engineer because I liked physics.

My top Eastern African cuisines so far are Swahili, Somali, Ethiopian, and Sudanese.

Outside Africa I’d have to go with Indian, Japanese, Spanish, Italian, and Thai.

I’m a certified mixologist for fun.

I grew up listening to rumba by popular central African artists such as Franco and Madilu system courtesy of my dad.

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